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Joining the dots for 21st century leadership and a just society

NHJ provide advisory and sounding board services.

We challenge and encourage leaders and teams to be more effective and to deliver the right outcomes.

We help clients to form clearer perspectives on critical issues in an increasingly uncertain, inter-connected, and complex world.

We focus on human factors, cultures, and mindsets and seek to develop the right leadership and corporate behaviours and approaches.

NHJ designed and delivered the Churchill 21st Century Global Leaders Programme.

NHJ assist organisations preparing for and under extreme pressure. We have extensive experience across the world and reach to the very best and most senior experts.

"I thought they had taken leave of their senses… the finished article is truly amazing and remarkable and I do congratulate you very much… Churchill would have been very supportive of the aims and purpose of this programme."

Sir Nicholas Soames - Patron of Churchill 2015

"It is quite ingenious and remarkable in the way this has developed... it is an intriguing and unique adventure we are about to embark upon."

Lord George Robertson, former Secretary General of NATO
and Chair of Churchill Leadership Programme

"Just as Bletchley Park harnessed brilliant talents from outside the government machine… so in the 21st century we need a strategic engine of thought that can produce the uncomfortable thinking of which Whitehall is culturally and politically incapable."

Nigel Hall, Daily Telegraph 26 Dec 2016

"...you are consistently ahead of events"

Nik Gowing BBC World presenter, November 2011