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Churchill Leadership Programme
To view the 40 minutes video including talks by Sir Nicholas Soames, Lord George Robertson, Sir Lawrence Freedman, Harriet Green, Sir David King and Kirsty Lang.
Access the video at:
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3rd Mar 2015, Churchill War Rooms

"For us the centre of gravity now is British public opinion. Perhaps we need to examine our own consciences and priorities more and be less hasty to blame politicians and recent mistakes. Hard work beckons."

18 Aug 2014, The Times

"We must encourage the international community to stop simply reacting to events and begin to drive them. A sustained effort is required to safeguard viable states and to "quarantine" areas where order has collapsed. This may involve both soft and hard power, but diplomacy must lead and involve the key regional powers"

15 Aug 2014, Daily Telegraph

...you are consistently ahead of events

November 2011, BBC News presenter on NHJ