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NHJ get leaders and teams to be more effective and deliver the right outcomes.
We guide a broad range of clients to form a clearer perspective on issues in an increasingly uncertain and complex world. 

Our approach is to challenge assumptions, thinking and culture in the most constructive way. We help our clients to identify and put into context the big and key issues enabling them to become more effective and successful.

NHJ is a talented team of senior strategic thinkers, doers and proven leaders with a network of contacts and associates spaning the globe.

We provide on-call board level advice and support.

...you are consistently ahead of events

November 2011, BBC News presenter on NHJ

"Whitehall needs a super minister wielding power over core departments. A civil service review is a start, but for real progress appoint one minister to lead in security both at home and abroad"

31 Dec 2013, The Guardian

"Appoint a new foreign and domestic security 'supremo' - make one person responsible to the PM and the nation for hard and soft power security"

26 Dec 2013, Daily Telegraph