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Nepal earthquake update

Thank you so much for all your emails, texts and calls expressing your concern, encouragement and best wishes following the awful earthquake in Nepal on 25 April. Our Nepali family at CPS are all safe and well albeit a little traumatized after the events.

The earthquake and aftershocks

Julia, Karen and Jan (the trustees) arrived in Kathmandu on the evening of Friday 24 April for their annual trustee visit and as always took all the children and staff (33 in all) for the traditional Saturday picnic, this time to Nagarkot about 32 km east of Kathmandu up in the foothills.

When the earthquake (7.9) struck around midday the trustees and all the children were walking up a forest path towards the Nagarkot tower, a local landmark. The ground started swaying, and then the rumbling and shaking begin, building up gradually. They knew immediately what was happening so all sat down on the path to wait it out, keeping as calm as possible. They were so fortunate to be out of Kathmandu in an open space with no buildings around and if it hadn’t been for the visit and the picnic, everyone would have been in a far more dangerous environment in the city.

The group headed back into Kathmandu around 5pm, having experienced several aftershocks through the afternoon, as it was crucial that we arrived before dark. It was an unnerving experience as they had no idea what we would find. En route, the town of Bhaktapur in particular experienced lots of damage and the ring road was badly buckled in parts. Fortunately they made it back to find that both CPS houses were intact apart from a collapse of the boundary walls of House 1. Everyone spent that night out in the garden.

They experienced a very large aftershock (6.7) around 24 hours later on Sunday lunchtime while they were at the orphanage in the houses. Being inside at the time was a very scary experience and thankfully everyone evacuated into the garden safely and very quickly!
At this point, Julia, Karen and Jan made contact with the British Embassy and were advised to remove themselves to a place of safety – the British Army Gurkha camp – where they stayed until their return home. On Tuesday, as there had been no aftershocks for 24 hours, Julia, Karen and Jan decided to visit CPS to check on the situation and say a very sad goodbye. They managed to get flights back to the UK on Wednesday.


Charities Commission no: 1137324
Trustees: Julia Adams, Karen Chamberlain, Jan Hall